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A few months ago, during a company all-hands meeting at Fellowship Tech, our CEO Jeff Hook posed a question to the group: What does innovation mean to you? – and encouraged people to share. After briefly giving it some thought, I stood up and said something to the effect of:

M2LIVE Webcast

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The following is a press release about the ministry conference M2LIVE.

M2LIVE Webcast

Free M2LIVE Webcast – to feature 8BIT founder, John Saddington

2010 Conferences

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I had initially thought this year would be a bit slower for conferences. I hadn’t planned on pursuing as many speaking engagements, and was going to taper back on attending various events as well. Despite that, circumstances seem to have materialized that have allowed for two additional speaking gigs, and an extra attendee badge. As an excuse to blog, I figured I ought to mention them.


Dynamic Church Conference

Note: Use the promo code IMPACT for $50.00 off registration.

Tactical Scrum

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Band of Scrum Developers

I have been working at Fellowship Tech for a little over a year now. One of the most striking things I noticed after coming on board, and something I’m still consistently impressed with, is how well the company as a whole really “gets it” when it comes to software development as a continuous process.


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