Sumo Sultan

Sumo Sultan

You may recall that some time ago, two years ago this month actually, I wrote up a product review of the Omni bean bag chair. The very first comment on that post asked: "Do they come in x-large?" I am happy to say that yes, Sumo makes an extra large model. It is called the Sultan, and I was recently provided one to review. Over the past years, the Omni has become one of my favorite lounging places. Needless to say, I had high hopes for the Sultan.

After some extensive product testing this weekend, aka sitting and watching multiple episodes of BattleStar Galactica on DVD, I can say with confidence that the Sultan does not disappoint. It's big. Really big. Like, rivals the size of a couch, big. When the box arrived on our front porch, it looked like a some sort of monstrosity was barely being contained, ready to bust out. This wasn't far from the truth. After opening up the box, the urethane began to expand.

Box Size


My wife and I wrangled it into its suede covering, and just sort of marveled at how the Sultan transmogrified into a piece of furniture in our living room. It has quickly supplanted the Omni as the most comfortable place to sit. Don't get me wrong, the Omni is still super cozy. However, as is the case with many bean bag chairs, it gradually changes shape. The longer you sit, the more its stuffing shifts around. This necessitates periodically picking up and shaking it, thereby adjusting the distribution of filling inside.

Not so with the Sultan. It holds its form very well, and feels like it envelops you quite a bit more, both because it is larger, but also because of the inner materials. It consists of "furniture grade urethane foam," which I would describe as marshmallow sized lumps of comfy goodness. Plus, it can comfortably fit two people at a time, which makes for good movie watching.

Living Room

I guess that sums it up. I continue to be a happy Sumo customer, and will be enjoying the comfort of my Sultan for years to come. If you are in the market for a substantially sized bean bag chair, consider giving this model a try. If you are looking for something even bigger, Sumo also sells a model called the Gigantor, which looks to be roughly 50% larger than the Sultan.