relaunch / go bro!

I just finished redesigning my church's website, so that they can make their own updates. It uses Textpattern of course, because Textpattern simply rocks. I moved the site from my current server, (which stinks, by the way) to DreamHost which is an amazing hosting service. They offer unlimited MySQL databases, as opposed to 1and1 offering only 1 per "professional" account. I'm still using them for the time being, as my free 3 year trial preview package has not yet expired. Once that time comes though, I'll be moving to DreamHost promptly.

I had set the goal of redesigning by the time I graduated and left the area, but went ahead and did it sooner since the staff were so willing and enthusiastic about being able to make their own updates. So, I wrote it in as one of my goals for the Supervised Ministry class I'm taking this semester. It feels good to get that squared away. Now I've just got to whittle down the rest of the piles of schoolwork, and finish up other pending web-projects. So yeah, life is hectic, but good.

Way to go Bro!

I found out recently that my little brother was accepted to the master / PhD program for Physical Therapy at University if Washington, which is also where he went for undergrad. I was a WSU man myself, but to each his own. At least his school was in Washington. Seriously though, our family is very proud / happy for him. I feel like I need to play catch-up, as I'll have spent 4 years in seminary, and will just have an MDiv to show for it. Why our program is so long is beyond me, as there's much curriculum overlap (redundancy). It'd be nice to at least have a PhD after 96 credit hours of work.

On another note, I'm going to start applying for the MS in Information & Communication Sciences at Ball State University (gotta love that acronym). It's a 1-year intensive program that many guys at the seminary IT Dept have gone through. I think it'd be really cool, especially if I managed to get an assistantship so that it'd be paid for. I know, more school - I'm a glutton for punishment. And no, I probably won't ever actually do a PhD.

Actually, I just want to be versatile, and enjoy working w/ different technologies. I figure, this way I can work in a tech-related field when we go to Estonia, and volunteer alot doing ministry. This makes the most sense, because they pay ministers next to nothing in Estonia (and I thought the US was bad). Also, I'd already have a leg-up in Estonia, as all web-related programming is done in English. I recently spotted some openings in Tallinn at, so I'm hoping they still need people in two years.

Gmail Note

That's about all to report for now, tune in next time good citizens. Before I wrap this up, let it be known that I still have 50 Gmail invites to give away. If anyone wants one (or several), let me know by commenting on this journal entry. Thanks.