gets tough

I recently went to to update my signature files for Ad-Aware, and was pleasantly surprised to find a letter from the Senior VP Scott Arpajian, informing visitors that now has a 0% tolerance to bundled adware/spyware. I think that this is a very good/bold move by CNET, and I applaud them for taking such a strong stance against what has become a plague of free/shareware on the internet.

It's good to know that now if a fledging company wants their software featured on the highest-used download site, they will have to make programs that can stand on their own merit, and not rely on adware investors for financial support. It's either that way, or the highway because CNET is cracking "down" (pun intended) on their downloads. Here's a hoorah and bravo for CNET, and I'm hoping other major download sites will follow suit.

Note: I am against ad-ware, meaning advertisements bundled with software, not Ad-Aware which is a program that kills ad-ware. I hope that's more clear.