My BookStack

Gadzooks! It's been nearly a month since I last wrote anything on this site. Good thing then, I was recently doubly tagged with the BookStack meme, firstly by Stephen P. Anderson and secondly by Andy Knight.

Ever the UX architect, Stephen was curious about what his friends are reading, and whether they also juggle the task of reading several books at a time…

If you're like me, you may have several books you're reading at once. Or maybe not reading, but referencing and scanning. Either way, these are the books piled up on your desk… So, what's in your BookStack?

So far, the meme has passed to quite a few avid readers, such as: Jared Christensen, Travis Isaacs, Chuck Mallott. You might also be interested to know that Chuck has been steadily working on a tool, aptly titled BookStack, that will allow people to share their favorite tomes of wisdom. Anyway, I digress. Here is how my own personal list currently "stacks" up.

My Bookstack

Pictured above is my mountain of pending books. Below are titles with links to Amazon. Of particular note is Longing for Enough in a Culture of More, which was written by the pastor of our church, Paul L. Escamilla. It's about finding satisfaction in God, rather than worldly possessions. That said, I still crave good tech books. Apress & FoED have been especially generous.

Knowing that many people learn by doing, and rather than put anyone on the spot by passing this meme, I would encourage anyone and everyone to write about their own bookstack, and leave a link in the comments.