Grand reopening

Welcome to the grand re-opening of Okay, so maybe it's not so grand, because for those of you who have seen this site before, the look is pretty much unchanged. But, like a sports car with a new, revamped engine, this site now has something different under the hood.

I've adapted the site to run on the content management system called Textpattern. It's a PHP/MySQL dependent system that makes site updates a whole lot easier. Now I don't need to FTP files, because there really aren't any static HTML pages.

I've still got quite a few things I want to implement, such as these clean URLs everyone's been talking about (okay, maybe not everyone). Additionally, the commenting system has been giving me some trouble. I was able to get comments working fine on my localhost at home, so I think that may be an issue with my host 1and1.

Also, you might notice some flicker between the default color scheme and the one you've selected. I think this is due to the fact that the CSS is now managed via PHP, and are not static files. I'm still looking into that, and if anyone has a solution, please send me an email (as comments ain't up yet).

For the most part though, I'm very pleased with how the site's working out. I've recently been given a few job offers, and am also currently developing a few church websites. I think that as far as CMS's go, Textpattern is the way to go. This way, we can empower churches to keep their own sites up-to-date.