Scoping things out

This post will not be terribly long, nor will it be incredibly profound. I just wanted to let people know that I have updated my free calendar templates, both in the weekly and monthly categories. After reading the recent book on Web Accessibility, I rediscovered a little used tabular attribute called scope. It can have one of two values, depending on its usage and relevance.

It can be used to show that a particular value pertains to either an entire column, or an entire row. I did an example of a 2x2 (column / row) table with appropriate headers for my Gospelcon presentation, to show how tables should be used. Let's say you have a column named Sunday, then you would do this for it's header - <th scope="col">Sunday</th>. Likewise, if you had a row which contained data corrosponding to the time 12:30, then you would do this for the first table cell - <td scope="row">12:30</td>.

Anyway, as I have picked up on little semantic nuances that can help improve the accessibility of tabular data, I have been incrimentally improving my past examples. I just thought I would give the heads-up, since people still hit the calendar pages quite a bit via Google search. That is obviously still a point of interest, so I figured others might not have heard about them yet…