Thanksgiving & ivy jungle


Thanksgiving was a mixed bag. Olga and I went to Zanesville, Ohio to visit relatives I hadn't seen since I was 12. This is the town where my mom's parents grew up, so that was pretty cool to catch up with them. On the other hand, they had a cat, and I'm pretty allergic to those, so I was feeling pretty miserable the whole time we were there.

Ivy Jungle

Last week, I got to spend 3 days in Atlanta, GA for the Ivy Jungle: Campus Ministry Conference. It was pretty awesome. We got to hear well-known Christian speakers like Brian McLaren, Lui Gigglio, and the head of Campus Crusade for Christ. I can't really do the conference justice by describing it here, but suffice it to say that it was pretty amazing. I got to talk to a representative from the International Justice Mission, which helps liberate children from forced labor/prostitution around the world. I would describe it like this - As Christians, we're God's hands extended to the world, and these guys make the fist. You can check ou their website here…