Apple beats Dell

In a recent news story, Apple has won out against Dell for a $25 million dollar contract in the Georgia public school system. From Mac News World.

"Apple's proposal was far and away the superior proposal," Jay Dillon, Cobb County school director of communications, commented. "Apple had the best package of hardware, software, training and support at the best price. We feel like Apple has a lot of experience nationwide in the education market."

I have been looking at laptops lately, primarily Apple and Dell. I really like the feel of the new OSX, and have heard that Tiger is a great product. I've mainly been looking at Dell laptops because of their price, as they run quite a bit cheaper than even the inexpensive Apples.

However, I'm just not sure I want to get a Windows XP computer. I still use a trusty Windows 2000 tower for most of what I do. I use both XP and OSX at work, and have to say that most of the time, XP is just a big irritation, whereas (aside from having no right-click) the Apple is just easier (on the eyes) to work with and more intuitive. And do I even need to mention video editing? Final Cut 5 is supposed to require no rendering whatsoever.

So, between Tiger, the new Final Cut, and XP just in general stinking, I'm leaning towards Apple, but holding my breath for a G5 Powerbook. Will Windows do something to wow us all before then? I'm not sure, but Longhorn will have to be nothing short of perfect.