Alive Christian Media

I am happy to present the newly launched site for Alive Christian Media. This was a project done by a few of my coworkers, and is the reason I had originally cooked up the idea for Hoverbox. It has been a labor of love for myself and my cohorts Hugh Griffith and Jay Leiner (his site forthcoming). Hugh did the design and front-end, and Jay built the back-end on Rails. I came in a little later in the process, to work on the image-hover trickery.

Everyone at Alive Christian Media has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and desires to create backgrounds reflective of that relationship. We are excited about providing the churches with media for digital projectors.

Marv Peters, ACM Founder

The above quote from their about page summarizes the vision of Alive. I want to emphasize up-front that this site design is temporary, as we wanted to get something online in time for Easter. In a few months, we will be working on a much larger scale re-design for Alive. We also have some other interesting projects churning in the mixer, with which I am very excited to be involved.

These will be launched under the banner of our newly formed Boise, Idaho web design / application development company, Thin Slice. I was asked to come on board a few months ago, and consider it an honor to be working alongside such talented, seasoned veterans like Cody, Dan, Hugh and Jay.