PvPonline relaunch

It is with great joy and a sigh of relief that I announce the re-launch of PvPonline.com. I contributed comparatively little next to the other guys from Thin Slice. Once again, Hugh Griffith did an amazing job designing a site that really brings the subject matter to life. Jay Leiner, our server-side guru spent many late nights, writing some pretty slick PHP caching to accomodate the traffic. Cody Lindley wrote most of the client-side code, and I pitched in here and there when I was needed. Dan Bachman did a great job managing the project from start to finish, keeping us all motivated and on track.

I am quite pleased with how it turned out, and think it is a great testament to the power and flexibility of Textpattern, proving that it can manage a site that gets around 15 million page views a month. In my book, that solidifies TXP as being much more than just a blogging tool. During the beta testing phase, it even managed to get the attention of the people over at Wired.com. Again, I played a very minor role in this, but was happy to be along for the ride.

Anyway, if you're a fan of cartoons related to video games and geeky melodrama, be sure to check out PvP. Be forewarned that some of the humor can be a bit crass, but for the most part it is a lighthearted comic that is quite entertaining. I have read this site off and on since I was in college, and have always enjoyed its references to the themes found in nerdy sub-culture.