Answered prayer

Some of you may recall an earlier post I'd made here, regarding my father-in-law's church. They were at risk of being evicted from their building, because the landlord wanted more rent. The law in Estonia protects non-profit organizations from having their rent raised unfairly, but it doesn't protect them from being evicted all-together, so that the owner can charge someone else instead.

Anyways, after much fervent prayer, we have learned that not only have they been able to stay in their current building, but the new landlord has had a change of heart, and they will only have to pay utilities, but the rent will be free! Praise the Lord, God is good!

On another note, I found out recently that I didn't get the job at Cre8tive that I'd applied for, but God is still good. I'm reminded of the lyrics to the song by Tree63, "You give and take away, you give and take away, My heart will choose to say, Lord - blessed be your name."

On yet another note, my wife got a staff job at ATS today, in the office of the registrar, so God is providing in other ways.