Moving to Texas

Boise to Dallas

I never was completely satisfied with the verdict surrounding the shooting of Texas oil tycoon J.R. Ewing, on the hit 1980's TV series Dallas. So, I have decided to go do some investigating myself into the mystery of Who Shot J.R. My wife and I will be moving from the Boise to Dallas in order to be closer to where the events took place. I will be setting up a secret base of operations in the Addison, TX area as I scour the outlying countryside for clues.

Throughout my ongoing quest for truth, I will be working under the guise of Information Architect / Interface Designer at the prestigious web development agency Geniant. There, I will be laboring alongside other sleuths, while we "Create Agile, Real-Time Enterprises." Amongst their ranks are the legendary Garrett Dimon and the fearless Jared Christensen. These two I already know via their association with the anti-crime syndicate 9rules, and I look forward to getting acquainted with the other brave Geniant superheroes as well.

I will sincerely miss the Design Services crew at Albertsons, but am also anticipating what the future holds. If you are a savvy web designer and / or hand-coding standardista who loves the great outdoors and aspires to learn more about fly fishing, then they might have a spot for you Idaho's capitol. You would be working alongside famed fisherman Dan Bachman and design guru extraordinaire Hugh Griffith. Dan is one of the coolest bosses I have ever worked for, and I have learned great deal about design from Hugh.

I am excited about the Geniant opportunity, because of their cohesive workflow, and passion for web standards. So, instead of playing the part of Lone Ranger (pardon the Texas humor), I will be working amongst guys who are all top in their field. Here is a quote directly from the job description:

You will be working with extremely high caliber industry experts and you will be able to learn [from] as well as mentor your fellow partners.

I appreciate how they encourage mutual learning / teaching. In fact, once a month they put on Refresh Dallas, providing free pizza and beverages for all attendees. They give away knowledge you'd normally pay for at conferences - see this presentation by Mark Kraemer. It's that type of commitment to collaborative open-source in which I feel privileged to take part.

By the way, if anyone else has made this trek before, I would be open to suggestion about the best way to get to Dallas. If at all possible, we would like to avoid driving through some of the larger cities like Salt Lake and Denver in order to just take the quickest and most direct route. Anyway, I guess that wraps up this broadcast. I'll let you know how the J.R. mystery unravels.