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Where in the World

I received an email recently from John Dyer, a grad student and webmaster at Dallas Theological Seminary, informing me of his upcoming open-source project for use by non-profit organizations. It uses the Google Map API to pin-point the locations of all their seminary graduates.

John has written a nice intermediary SQL/ASP application to take the work addresses of Dallas graduates from a database, and pass the information along to Google Maps, which then draws a map depicting the location of said graduates. Sounds complicated, but to see it in action is a beautiful thing. Go check it out here…

John Dyer's blog

New Photography Book

Kentucky Wide

You haven't heard I'm an accomplished photographer? That's probably because I'm not. One of my friends is though, and he has just released a book of panoramic photos that he has taken, called Kentucky Wide.

I was fortunate enough to have worked with him on a video project recently, and while at his studio I saw an early print of his book. I have to say, it's impressive to say the least. Some of the work he's done really is breathtaking. Check out his website here…

Jeff Rogers Photography

Expanding Web Hosting?

DreamHost, one of my favorite hosting providers, is offering expanding storage and bandwidth for their shared hosting customers. I will quote directly from their newsletter, the list numbers represent the hosting package level…

Every week, your plan limits will grow as follows, at absolutely no charge:

  1. 20MB disk and 1.0GB bandwidth each week
  2. 40MB disk and 1.5GB bandwidth each week
  3. 60MB disk and 2.0GB bandwidth each week
  4. 80MB disk and 2.5GB bandwidth each week

That sounds like a pretty amazing deal to me. I already believe that they are one of the best hosts out there, but now there's even more reason to host with them. For price comparisons, check out their list here: shared hosting.