Journal 📚

This is a list of journal entries I have written over the years.

I would like to write more. But alas, the cobbler's children have no shoes, etc.

My time at Microsoftpersonal
Inclusive Design Communitiesreview
SwordSearcher 9.0 reviewreview
My time at Reaktivpersonal
Husky v5 and NPM preparejavascript
Chromebooks, Linux, and Family Linkreview
Front-end gotchas of GraphQLjavascript
Andrew Smith, on physical therapypersonal
Thoughts on Walgreensreview
Designers who codedesign
Sass for designerscss
JavaScript interview questionsjavascript
HTML5 in Drupal 7cms
Adapt JS explainedjavascript
How I do form layoutshtml
Drupal 7 Module Developmentreview
Drupal 7 First Lookreview
Joining HPpersonal
Formalize CSScss
Why Drupal?cms
JavaScript Inceptionjavascript
Keynote Wireframe Toolkitdesign
Bean bag chair - Sumo Swayreview
Thoughts on innovationbusiness
M2LIVE webcastevents
MIX 2010 recapevents
2010 conferencesevents
Tactical Scrumleadership
jQuery Englightenmentjavascript
jQuery Desktopjavascript
My leadership styleleadership
Symphonic leadershipleadership
Design 4 Drupalcms
F1 + EE modulecms
Drupal 6 Themesreview
Keeping Digg honestjavascript
Thoughts on leadershipleadership
Redirect IE6browsers
Hudson Wayne Smithpersonal
Fellowship (of the) Techpersonal
Time to drop IE6browsers
Sumo Sultanreview
Speaking - Fall 08events
Ninja Turtle officebusiness
Playing midfieldbusiness
Echo Conferenceevents
.Net Magazine featuredesign
Point of Viewzipersonal
960 Grid Systemcss
jQuery iFrame sizingjavascript
Christ Fellowship reduxdesign
God functionchristianity
My BookStackpersonal
Apple love: Fins-Upreview
Church of the Resurrectiondesign
Web Jam Session '07personal
50 designers, 6 questionsdesign
Mosso & Textpatterncms
Textpattern Solutionscms
Ether Hourpersonal
Asbury Seminarychristianity
Textplates '07cms
Textpattern 508 linkscms
Stonebriar relaunchdesign
Culture clashpersonal
Lazy Textpattern SEOcms
The Geniant blogdesign
Easter 300christianity
Logo rebirthdesign
Accessible display: nonecss
JetBlue nightmarepersonal
LogoMaid rip-offspersonal
RFP coachingbusiness
Writing for Digital Webpersonal
PNG overlaycss
MinistryCamp job boardchristianity
Bad coffee makerspersonal
5 things about mepersonal
Life update 2006personal
Moving to Texaspersonal
Clearing floatscss
Oak Tree Ideareview
Mark Rollins, copywriterpersonal
jQuery portletsjavascript
JS option sortjavascript
Meridian Communicationsdesign
Scoping things outhtml
Gospelcon recapchristianity
Consistent form stylingcss
Scary websitedesign
PvPonline relaunchdesign
Slideshow alternativejavascript
Sermon Cloudreview - a shamreview
Sumo Omni Chairreview
Clone fieldsetjavascript
eBible - my thoughtsreview
Show/hide solutionjavascript
England 2006personal
Andrew & Hanapersonal
Alter ego, Guru Designpersonal
Tattered fly relaunchdesign
Ajax in Julyreview
Pseudo TXP if_notcms
US Soccer newspersonal
Macbook, 1st impressionsreview
Sortable TXP archivecms
Feedburner funkinesscms
In memoriampersonal
Design Spectacledesign
Faith healingchristianity
Launch - Heal Massagedesign
TXP current navigationcms
Hoverbox IE7 fixcss
Lo-fi faith memepersonal
For the hordedesign
Questions on contentbusiness
Thoughts on frameworkscms
Gospelcon 2006events
Copyright tipcms
My career pathpersonal
Artificial intelligencebusiness
He is risenchristianity
Styling hrcss
Long distancepersonal
Don't assumebrowsers
DOM galleryjavascript
Solving the image floatcss
Flickr & Hoverboxcss
Judas Iscariotchristianity
Six apologycms
April crazinesspersonal
Selling SonSpringpersonal
New local businessbusiness
Page scroller templatejavascript
Agile workflowbusiness
Minimal logo designdesign
Alive Christian Mediadesign
SXSW recapevents
SXSW halfwayevents
Austin, here I comeevents
Life Light Inc.christianity
Hoverbox image gallerycss
CSS redundancycss
Angel with a flattopchristianity
Dustin Diaz podcastpersonal
Ping homilies: lovechristianity
Free weekly calendarcss
Time sensitive CSScss
Ping homilies: gentlenesschristianity
The new font tagcss
Deflecting Diggcms
Drawing a good logodesign
Descartes 1st meditationchristianity
Spawn of Griffithdesign
Freeware solutionsreview
Albertsons sold & Typo3personal
I've been taggedpersonal
Crown Financial manipulationchristianity
Building a better permlinkcms
Blessed remissionpersonal
Active vs. focus linkscss
Removing dotted linkscss
Dropping slow clientsbusiness
January randomnesspersonal
Absolute CSS boxescss
Textpattern & SimpleViewercms
4.0.3 Textile fixcms
SlideShowPro & portfoliodesign
Staying in Boisepersonal
Rock Worship site launchdesign
Writing good copybusiness
Em Flash sizingcss
Em image sizingcss
Fun with Moo.fxjavascript
OpenOffice 2.0 reviewreview
Icon drawing tutorialdesign
Feedburner and Textpatterncms
She made it!christianity
Orchestrating the webbusiness
XHTML 1.0 rollbackhtml
Textpattern Studiocms
Highlighted Textpattern searchcms
Fixing Dreamweaver encodinghtml launcheddesign
XHTML in layman's termshtml
Introducing Godbitchristianity
Worst customer servicebusiness
Membership, movies, mentoringchristianity
My Treehouse articlebusiness
Michael Boyink interviewbusiness
9rules, round 3business
Textile comments fixcms
Textpattern 4.0.2cms
SwordSearcher reviewreview
Smooth operatorreview
Me, the jerkpersonal
Website realignmentdesign
Mint Easter eggdesign
Tim Bednar interviewbusiness
Old school batonpersonal
Going to SXSWevents
CSS, Flash, and XHTMLcss
WordPress frustrationscms
Mint & Textpattern modcms
Free calendar templatecss
Brandon Staggs interviewbusiness
They Coug'd itpersonal
Dave Merwin interviewbusiness
SXSW = websiteevents
Reflecting logo tutorialdesign
Workspace showcasepersonal
Playing in the Treehousedesign
CSS validator nonsensecss
A quick thank youpersonal
Opera, round 2browsers
Firefox 1.5 vs Opera 8.5browsers
Looking for contract work?business
Templating in Textpatterncms
Going pro & CSS successpersonal
SonSpring site relaunchdesign
New ministry & links roundupdesign
I got the job!personal
Textpattern 4 & hosting changescms
Professional CSS reviewreview
IE6 multi-class bugbrowsers
Moving on, life changespersonal
Odd birthday presentpersonal
Gravatar is backdesign
A man of one book (baton)personal
Don't break the menudesign
Some cool linkshtml
Thinking inside the boxcss
I'm on cloud 9rulespersonal
1st anniversarypersonal
People tracking, new bookpersonal
User interface in automobilesdesign
Web design, defineddesign
Ads too intuitive?personal
R4000 reviewreview
Underappreciated techiesbusiness
Easy random CSS backgroundscss
Recent happeningspersonal
Web terminology for non-geeksbusiness
Officially creativepersonal
Urban leadershipleadership
Typography tutorialsdesign
Firefox commercialsbrowsers
Firefox insecure?browsers
Flickr rocksreview
Are tables fashionable again?html
Apple beats Dellbusiness gets toughbusiness
My thoughts on businessbusiness
Adobe buys Macromediabusiness relaunch / go bro!personal
Youth site launched, TXP magazinepersonal
New sites, resources, and musingspersonal
Interesting readsbusiness
Student leadership retreatchristianity
Lack of vision, content is everythingchristianity
Gmail invites & real lifepersonal
Dreamweaver, minus the junkreview
Grand reopeningpersonal
PDF = a thing of the pastreview
New accomodationspersonal
Ring in the new yearpersonal
Call me crazypersonal
Thanksgiving & ivy junglepersonal
Restored hopechristianity
Institutional thieverychristianity
Random encounterpersonal
Good quotechristianity
New designsdesign
Answered prayerchristianity
In limbopersonal
Wedding picturespersonal
Goodbye singlehoodpersonal
UMC connectionschristianity
Urgent prayer requestpersonal
New experiencespersonal
Pre-marriage counselingpersonal
Atlanta trippersonal
Happy New Yearpersonal
Gaming and mSITES?personal
Asbury theological blog?christianity