In limbo

Okay, so I haven't blogged in awhile, life's been hectic. Right now, I feel like I'm in limbo, waiting to hear back about a few jobs. One is right here in Wilmore, with, and the other is in Lexington with, a Christian TV/web company. 'Course, if I got either one, I'd take a reduced courseload, making me ineligible to perform my duties as Student Leadership Team Middler Class Visionary (geez, that's a long title).

Anyways, right now I'm wrestling with discerning God's will - whether that be to take some time off and work full-time while my wife finishes seminary, or just stay enrolled and finish up quicker. If I just keep trudging on through classwork, then I'll have to keep taking out loans, whereas if I can get a full-time job, then I can work and eventually have a scholarship when she's done (hopefully).

Also, we're considering post-grad stuff, and Ball State University is looking kinda appealing, as many of the full-time IT guys at the seminary hold the same MA in Communication Science, a 1 year intensive program from July to July. I figure if I just plow on through and finish the MDiv program, then I could do that and she could possibly pursue a PhD in Counseling Psychology (also at Ball State). I think that would be cool, then I could be more marketable in Estonia, working in a tech-related job, and just volunteer heavily in church (lest the MDiv go to waste).

Right now, I'm sorta leaning towards deacon in the UMC. It seems more appealing than elder, because you find your own job, and aren't at the mercy of being assigned somewhere. Plus, you're not confined to a geographical area of the United States (or world, for that matter). I still want to finish the MDiv program of course, to make sure I'm equipped for whatever God wants to do. So, I just ask for prayer, to figure things out.