The Geniant blog

the Geniant blog

I am happy to say that the Geniant blog is now up and running. I played the role of developer on this one, changing *.psd files into living XHTML and CSS which I then cut up into includes and ported into Textpattern. I had the privilege of working on this internal company project with über Information Architect Garrett Dimon, and designer extraordinaire Jared Christensen.

Garrett was the idea man behind the whole thing, starting the conversation around it mainly by saying - "Geniant needs a blog." The question then was - Why not? So, brainstorming began around what this blog would entail. Garrett did all the wireframes and architecting of the site hierarchy and Jared came up with some super sweet Photoshop mockups.

Garrett wrote a post entitled Balancing Design, Technology, and Business which covers the planning that went into the site. Likewise, Jared explained the design process in his article Cultivating an Identity. I in turn explained the technical aspects in my write-up, aptly called Building the Blog. Dave, our guru salesman covered the business factors in Why Are We Blogging.

So, if you are interested in any of the three major topics we will be covering: Design, Technology or Business - please do feel free to subscribe to any of the multiple RSS feeds that are available. Hopefully this will become a helpful resource as we continue to write more articles on our methods.