A man of one book (baton)

I was just passed the "book baton" from Shawn Grimes over at Sporadic Nonsense, so I feel inclined to answer. Despite the rumor, seminary students read more than only the Bible, although that's a very good book to be reading (shakes finger authoritatively).

So, I think it goes something like this, I list how many books I have, the last book I bought, the one I'm currently reading, and the last 5 I've finished, and then pass the baton to 5 others, thus forcing Google to boost our page-ranks by an Nth amount.

Number of Books on the Shelves

Oh, I don't even want to count, let alone shudder as I think about how much they're costing. I think between the two of us (we're both grad students) my wife and I have several hundred books. We do try to sell as many as possible to other students though.

Last Book Purchased

I get them all out of order, because after awhile seminary curriculum seems to just blur together. But, I think the last book I bought was Discipling the City by Roger S. Greenway.

Currently Reading

I know I'm only about five years behind, but I'm currently working my way through The Art and Science of Web Design by Jeffrey Veen. I downloaded it, because he's giving it away for free in PDF format on his site. While it's a bit dated, the concepts in the book are still very applicable.

Last 5 Books Read

These will all be pretty much on the same topic, as I had a summer class with Dr. Grey, one of the best professors Asbury has to offer, on Evangelism for Social Justice. He really helps you open your eyes to some of the advantages whites in the USA enjoy over minorities, grasped for or not. Anyways, here are the books…

  1. Discipling the City, Greenway
  2. A Gospel for the Cities, Tonna
  3. Developing Leaders for Urban Ministires, Elliston
  4. The Urban Christian, Bakke
  5. Urban Life, Zenner

Meaningful Books

Aside from the textbook (pun intended) answer of the Bible, I'd have to say that the books that mean the most to me are some that have been given to me by people that mean a lot to me. So, they are: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell, given to me by my dad; and A Man Called Peter by Catherine Marshall, given to me by "Chaplain T," who helped me discern my call to attend seminary. Another one I refer to quite a bit is Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide by Eric Meyer.

Throwing the Book

I'm passing along the book baton to the following good citizens…

  1. Cody Lindley
  2. Jeana Clark
  3. Jonathan Snook
  4. Lea Alcantara
  5. Peter Flaschner