Random encounter

Last night, Olga and I were studying at Hot Moon, a trendy coffee shop in Lexington. It's great, because the coffee is really good and you can get free refills. Plus, the food is pretty affordable. They serve "hot moons" which are basically little pita-type things, but with the "toppings" baked right into the bread.

Anyways, while we were there, this girl came up and said "Excuse me, I am taking donations for my church in Mongolia. We have a school to teach children, and programs teaching abstinence and drug awareness." At that point, I'm thinking - Yeah right, she just wants money. But, I humor her and introduce Olga and myself. Once the girl heard where Olga is from, she began to speak to her in Russian. So, at that point, we knew she was telling the truth, because it's not often you meet someone who is Asian that is also fluent in Russian. She said she had to learn Russian in school, since Mongolia borders Russia.

Dissappointed that we didn't have our checkbook with us, I just gave her the $5.00 I had in my wallet. When we'd initially gone to the coffee shop, I had this premonition that we'd either run into someone we already knew, or have a spontaneous conversation with a total stranger. So, it was an interesting night. God works in mysterious ways.