Old school baton

Back in the Day

I went to check my email this evening, thinking there would be none, because it's a Friday night after all. I mean, who sends email, or checks it for that matter, on the weekend? Only total geeks apparently, because I was just passed the Old School Baton by Andy Rutledge of Stylegala notoriety. To comply, now I'm supposed to post an embarrassing picture of myself from yester-year. So, much as it pains me to do this, here goes nuthin'.

Place / Year:

  • Anaheim, California - Disneyland / 1986


  • This was the year that Captain EO movie attraction made its grand debut at Disneyland. The film was only 17 minutes long, and cost $1,000,000 per minute to produce. It starred Michael Jackson as captain of a ship, not unlike the Firefly craft of the recent film Serenity. It was presented in mind-blowing (for a 7 year old) 3D, featuring creatures that flew out into the audience.

    (Doesn't my little bro look like he thinks he's tough?)

How does this photo relate to your future as a designer?

  • Oh geez, I don't know. I try to disassociate myself from Michael Jackson nowadays. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say that I've always tried to see things as they could be, looking beyond the typical perceptions. Okay, that's a lame explanation. I'll come clean: I just really thought I looked cool in those 3D glasses and my Star Tours hat. I'm a SW junkie to this day.

Pay it Forward 5x:

I'm passing along this blast from the past meme to the following upstanding citizens, because I want to see if they were as dorky as I was (still am): Nate Logan, Cody Lindley, Peter Flaschner, Shawn Grimes, Lea Alcantara.

Incriminating Photo:

Dad, Me, and Bro