Chromebooks, Linux, and Family Link

The following is a letter written by my son. He is a 12 year old middle school student.

Hudson as an infant, and Hudson in middle school, with laptops
Hudson is no stranger to using laptops

Dear Google Chrome OS team:

I am writing to express my concerns on the topic of Family Link and Linux.

Chromebooks are awesome and amazing products that can be used for many things. But in my opinion, there may be limitations in the way Family Link accounts work.

I installed Linux (Beta) on my Chromebook a couple of years ago. It worked well and was great. I felt like I had a lot of control over my system.

Then I found Chrome Unboxed. I saw some cool and interesting things about Linux. Yet when I went to my Chromebook to try those things out, I realized that Linux was not there. It was as if Linux no longer existed.

No Linux command line, no Linux settings, no Linux.

I have been wondering when I will be able to use to Linux on my Chromebook again. I feel that it is a concern since the Linux philosophy is for everyone to have equal access. Also, now I cannot choose the position of my dock. This does not violate any security rules and I feel that it is overprotective.

My main question for you is this: Is Linux on Chrome OS for everyone? Shouldn't everyone have access to Linux? If people do not want Linux, then they need not install it. However, they should be able to make that choice.

I do not have anything against Chromebooks. I have been using them since I was in elementary school. For my first computer, I asked my parents for a Chromebook.

However, lately I have been getting more into Python programming. I have recently made the switch to working on a Windows 10 laptop instead, because it offers full access to the command line.

In my opinion, you could make Chromebooks a lot better by allowing users a choice when it comes to installing Linux on Chrome OS.

Linux is not just for adults, it is for everyone.


Hudson Smith