She made it!

Well, after a long and arduous journey, literally from Kentucky to Idaho, and a semester of online classes, my wife has finished seminary. She graduates today in absentia from Asbury Theological Seminary with nearly a 4.0 GPA. Who would have thought that from just a few years ago we'd be where we are now. Life is random, God is good.

She has a job lined up already, at the same place she was doing her final internship. She'll be working with court-ordered clients that are in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. It is a challenging job, not unlike the client / counselor relationship in Good Will Hunting, in which the person assigned to receive counseling doesn't think they need any.

Anyway, I'm proud of her, and we're both very happy. We're planning a nice dinner tonight to celebrate. I've still got a fair bit to go, as the Master of Divinity is 96 credit-hours, whereas her program was 60. I should be done some time around the Spring of 2007, since I'm only doing part-time online. If you want to read more about her thoughts on graduation, go here…