Logo rebirth

New Logo

Update: In case there was any doubt, this was an April fool's joke.

One thing that always bothered me about my own site was the lack of a unique logo. Sure, I've done branding for other projects but when it comes to designing for myself, it's always considerably tougher. That's why I am happy to share that as of today, SonSpring now has a shiny new logo. I hope this will really set me apart in the field of design, and help me distinguish myself from the rest of the copycats out there, who just jump on the bandwagon:

I feel that it really brackets what I am trying to convey - the "S" from Cascading Style Sheets, bling baby. I believe this logo says - Hey, this might be a tiny web design studio, but that doesn't mean I haven't picked up bits and pieces of knowledge while working in the industry. I hope that it will show to clients that I am able to provide advanced web standards solutions. I also like that it is simple enough to work with a variety of color palettes, adapting like a chameleon. If someone is looking to shoppe for a designer, this logo will surely get their attention and show that icon get the job done right.