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This site is the personal and professional home of Nathan Smith (that's me). Years ago, I bought this domain name to try my hand at freelancing for churches and ministries.

I was an MDiv student at the time, and it made sense as a merging of two passions: web tinkering and ministry. With a common last name like "Smith," you can imagine that not many domain names were readily available as a riff on my moniker.

While I still occasionally do freelance work, this site has gradually shifted focus from being a business to more of an archive of my thoughts as web development has continued to evolve. When speaking at various events, I am fond of making this joke…

I build the legacy apps of tomorrow.


Nowadays, I work for a software company as a front-end developer.

I am also pursuing a second master's degree in interaction design at the University of North Texas. I know just enough to realize that I will never know it all.

I have learned to be okay with that.

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