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I have worked on a number of projects with, one of the most innovative churches in the US.

960 Grid System

I created and curate the 960 Grid System, used by thousands of web designers and developers in their everyday work.

Formalize CSS

I made Formalize, a CSS & JavaScript framework for displaying form elements consistently in multiple browsers.

Me, presenting on JavaScript

I speak several times per year at various conferences and local meet-ups. I might be available to speak at yours.


SonSpring is a small, Christian web studio that specializes in creating sites for churches and ministries. My mission statement and fervent prayer is to do my utmost to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through web development.


To use an old cliché, I care about quality over quantity. More value is placed on a job well done with a smaller number of clients, rather than sacrificing attention to detail by accepting too many. Each project gets singular focus.


I hold an MDiv degree from Asbury Seminary. Formally trained in a theological capacity, I am primarily self-taught in web development. Working with ministries provides me an opportunity to combine two passions.

Journal Entries
Me, Elsewhere
Open Source

jQuery Cookbook book cover I was a contributing author of the jQuery Cookbook, published by O'Reilly. We explored the depths of jQuery, arguably the world's most popular JavaScript library. jQuery UI was covered as well.

Drupal Association badge I am an individual member of the Drupal Association. I financially support ongoing advancement of the versatile Drupal content management system. I also occasionally present at various Drupal events.