Dustin Diaz podcast

I recently had the priviledge, or perhaps I should say endured the grilling, of being on the Web Standards With Imagination podcast. It is hosted by the infamous Dustin Diaz, who describes himself as a "White Mexican" from California working as a web developer for Yahoo! Inc. So, if you want to hear what a "White Japanese" guy from Hawaii sounds like, be sure to check it out.

We basically just goofed off for half an hour, talking about some of the latest trends in CSS, JavaScript and PHP, as well as some of the problems with social linking and whatnot. While there's a good chance you might learn something of technical value, I must warn you that you may actually come away from the experience slightly dumber than before hearing the MP3.

It should also be noted that at the 31:05 minute mark, I can be heard singing (rather badly) a portion of the song I'm Not Cool by the Christian singer / songwriter Scott Krippayne. However, I did not know that I was still being recorded at this juncture, or I would have really brought the house down!

I have told Dustin that I will exact my revenge somehow. If anyone has ideas on that, let me know. I must ridicule him for not knowing how Dreamweaver templates work. We used them at my old job, but I prefer Notepad.

Dustin: I hope you don't mind me mocking you too terribly, but I wanted to prove that I actually did go back and listen to your second podcast. So, now I'm 3 for 3! For everyone else, go check out this latest podcast installment.