Playing in the Treehouse

Not Just for Birds


In case you've been living under a rock somewhere, it's time to come out into the light, and enjoy the fresh air. Particularly, you might want to climb a tree, and discover a wealth of information including interviews, articles and humor. I speak of none other than the famed Tree-o™ over at Particletree. This month, they kicked off their new magazine Treehouse. I had a unique opportunity to be involved with some of the initial chirping around it, and have to say now that it's out, I'm even more blown away.

I would highly encourage anyone who is remotely interested in web design or development to consider getting a six-month subscription. Not doing so would be sort of like calling yourself a sports fan but not watching ESPN. It just doesn't happen. Okay, so maybe that's a bit of an extreme example, but at the very least you should go download issue #1, since it's free of charge. There's really nothing not to like: It's very well illustrated, contains articles and interviews with some of the web's A-list designers and developers, and even keeps you abreast of current job openings around the 'net.

You can tell that quite a bit of detailed planning went into this magazine. For starters, it's formatted to a 4x3 ratio, perfect for on-screen reading, but still works just as well printed out. Additionally, each article has a link labeled "discuss," taking you directly to the Particletree forum thread, created specifically to talk about that particular article. It merges print + web media.

Anyway, since people review books and not magazines, I'm done: Go Get It.