UMC connections

I had an hour phone conversation today, with the director of He asked me if I'd be interested in a graphic art position. He said something to the effect of…

"We have a PHP guy who is a genius, and he and several others are setting up a database to run websites for UMC churches nationally. We need someone who can put a skin on the site that reflects the effort that is going into this project."

He is an Asbury alum, and so is his wife. He found me via our campus intranet. I am a member of "LifeShare," the alumni association. I did not mean to be one. I just wrote a $50 check to support a scholarship fund in chapel one day. Because of that a shortcut was added to my virtual student desktop, with LifeShare news and ads.

So, I thought… "What the heck, I'll post a link to my site." That is how this guy found out about me. And it is pretty cool, because I had been thinking, what will Olga and I do for money when we get married?

I told him I have still got school to finish, but he said he wants to meet with me and another one of their key people for this national project, who works in town here. I also mentioned the possibility of Estonia. He basically said that because of my vision of bringing ministries up to speed wti technology, he would like to involve me, regardless of location. Because the UMC is in Estonia too.

He said that they have been talking to several donors, one of which is a billionaire. That is not to say I would be making tons of money, but that it would be a position with job security. So, it sounds promising.