Ajax in July

Are you interested in learning more about JavaScript and the Document Object Model? Have you heard the buzz around Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, but really want to get a handle on how it all works? Do you enjoy meeting web design superheroes? If you answered yes to one or more of the previous questions, then you should consider attending the Carson Workshop entitled Ajax and DOM Scripting Made Easy, with Jeremy Keith.

If you are in or around the New York City area, or can get there on July 6th, this workshop would make one sweet destination. The way they've planned out the event gives quite a bit of time and opportunity for questions and answers. They are limiting the number of attendees to fifty, to ensure that everyone gets a chance to pick the presenter's brain, rather than get lost in the shuffle of mob rule, as is common at larger conferences.

If you are into web standards, you have probably already heard of Jeremy, because he is co-leader of the DOM Scripting Task Force. He also authored a book by the same title, DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model. If you are one of the first twenty people to sign up for the workshop, you will get a copy of this book at no additional cost. If you are curious, check out this book review I wrote awhile ago.

So, what's the catch - Do I attend for free because I am talking it up? I wish. No, actually I will be in London on vacation with my wife in July. While we are there, we plan on sneaking into the July 14th WSG Meetup. I am looking forward to it, because we will hear from Andy Budd who wrote CSS Mastery, and Christian Heilmann, known for From DHTML to DOM scripting.

Unfortunately, the day we leave London - July 19th, is also when Ryan Carson will be presenting How to Build a Web App. He is the guy behind DropSend and Vitamin, so I am bummed that we will miss it by such a narrow margin. Only ten days later there will be another workshop on Ajax Training done by Dylan Schiemann, co-creator of the Dojo Toolkit, now endorsed by IBM.

I suppose it is good we can only squeeze in one web meeting while in London, or it would not be much of a vacation. Suffice it to say, there is a lot going on next month, and quite a bit of JavaScript knowledge being spread around. If you have an opportunity, you should try to go to one of these meetings.