Spawn of Griffith

I am happy to announce that another one of my coworkers is finally blogging. Hugh Griffith is our Sr. Web User Interface Designer (crazy title, I know) at Albertson's SuperValu, and is an expecting father. He designed his website, then I did the CSS and and got it up and running on Textpattern, which rocks. I'm using sIFR for the headers, with his font choice of Brisa Alternates.

In his typical fashion, he couldn't be bothered with traditional "cutesy" baby blog titles. No, he has chosen the name Spawn of Griffith, which lends itself to a certain notion of impending doom. His wife is the real writer of the family, working as a reporter when not on maternity leave, but Hugh's not so bad with words himself. From their about page…

Graphic designer, gamer, hiker, lion tamer - Hugh has worn many hats. Possessing staggering good looks, and an even more impressive lack of intelligence, he provides hours of frustration for his exasperated family.

A huge fan of World of Warcraft and all things Xbox, my Canadian cubicle colleague lives in a universe comprised of fiction and graphic design. I can't wait until the harsh reality of fatherhood kicks in, so I can take notes. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to and leave him and Dalia some comment spam congratulations on expecting their first child.

In other news

Another site I did, Godbit is getting rave reviews. Or, features rather. It has been featured at Light on Dark, a new design gallery devoted to darker themed (colors, not topics) websites. Additionally, Godbit is currently Site of the Week over at TXP Magazine. Lastly, it has made its way into the showcase of CSS Drive. Then again, they also featured the WP Kubrick template.