Staying in Boise

I hope everyone is having a good Christmas break with friends and family. I just had to sneak a little bit of time at the computer to report this: Albertson's recently announced that the company as a whole is no longer for sale, and they have officially closed bidding. This means that the company HQ will be staying in Boise. My wife and I breathed a sigh of relief when we saw this on the Idaho Statesman website. Here is a quote from our CEO Larry Johnston:

We will no longer be focusing on the sale of the company. We plan to continue to grow our profitable grocery business, create a more compelling shopping experience and grow our free-standing drugstore business.


Needless to say, we are happy about the news, having only moved to Idaho from Kentucky in September. This is good for two reasons: First, my family is in Pullman, Washington which is only a six hour drive. Secondly, it is a great priviledge being a member of a cohesive Design Services team that is focused on developing projects with web standards in mind.

I feel that God is blessing us far more than we deserve. This is a great Christmas present: getting to stay in a city that we have grown to love, working in jobs that utilize our areas of interest, and being close to family. I pray that the Lord will smile upon you and your loved ones during this season. Let us remember and give thanks for all that the Lord Jesus has done for us.