My Treehouse article

I'm not sure how to announce this without looking like a hog for attention, but today the second edition of Treehouse Magazine has been released. If you haven't heard of it, here's a brief run-down: It's an online PDF magazine that started last month. The first issue had over 15,000 downloads, and the guys who started it have been featured on, and have been approached by various venture capitalists.

Anyway, when they were still kicking around the idea of starting a web development magazine, they'd asked various people for help. They requested that I write an article on why / how to go about helping churches and non-profit organizations through the use of web design and development. So, I'm proud to say that the article is now "in print" and the magazine is available "on the shelves" for purchase. It costs $3.00 per issue, but I think it's money well-spent. If you like, download their free inaugeral issue to get a feel for the type of content. Then, go ahead and mozy over to buy the November Issue.