Goodbye singlehood

Some significant changes happening today. Olga & I were legally married, at the Jessamine County court-house in Nicholasville, Kentucky. We won't consider it a done-deal until our wedding ceremony on July 10th in Estonia, but as far as the US government is concerned, we're man & wife. This was necessary because the pastors in Estonia don't have the power to officially perform marriage ceremonies, so we would've had to have gone through their municipal system anyways. Yet, having it done here in the US makes it official in both countries, because Estonia loves all things American, go figure. So yeah, I'm on cloud-nine today.

Also, I'm moving out of the dorm, to the apartment we'll have, to sort of fix things up. I won't have Internet access there, so if any of y'all wonder why I'm not on I.M., that's the reason. Hopefully we can get some other couples in the apartment complex to chip in for DSL or something, since they haven't installed wireless out there yet (even though it's technically campus housing, and the rent went up to cover it).

I continue to be in communication with the UMCom guy, and I'll keep ya posted with what happens with that. Please keep my father in your prayers, as he goes in for kidney surgery (to have it removed) tomorrow. I just hope that it's an isolated incident, and that there will be no more instances of cancer. Also, be in prayer for Olga's family's church, as they still need a building.

I guess that's about it for now, God is good, and life continues on with it's joys & concerns.