Rock Worship site launch

I am happy to announce that the website has gone live. It was online before, but just as a modified WordPress template. I was contacted recently by Matt Heerema, one of the guys that I met through He was sporting a really sweet looking website mockup, done by himself and his talented print designer friend Travis Swan.

Being a very visually oriented person, I was impressed by the initial composition. So, I helped out with "breathing life" into the design by taking it from being a Fireworks PNG to a fully-fledged XHTML and CSS template.

I then handed it back over to Matt who converted it into a WordPress theme and integrated the PunBB forum system. He is something of a PHP whiz, and has the current forum topics pulling into the site's front page. He also has the forum running from within the WordPress template. I have to say that I'm very impressed, because I didn't know it was possible.

Overall, this was a very fun project to be involved in. It is a perfect example of synergy between designers and developers, operating in their areas of particular talent. Admittedly, Matt was not looking forward to doing the CSS implimentation, but I love CSS and was able to get it done in a single evening.

This expediated the process, and allowed him to focus his efforts on integrating the PHP side of things, an area in which I am lacking. By mixing that together with "wicked worn" header and footer goodness by Travis, you've got a sure-fire recipie for a pretty killer Christian rock and roll site.

It is amazing how quickly things can move when you just get a group of crazy web guys working on something for the sheer fun of it, and don't have any clients dragging the project down. The total development time for the site, from initial design to site launch was only three days. That's what I call agile web development, without a hint of Rails! Now I just need to learn the guitar.