LogoMaid rip-offs

I have not blogged in awhile, mainly because Real Life™ has been really busy lately. My new job has been quite fulfilling, and freelancing work has also been going well (write-ups forthcoming). In that regard, I have no complaints. Regretfully, I am writing to inform you that LogoMaid is a business comprised of thieves and people who provide really poor customer service.

Recently, I learned that LogoMaid had stolen the Godbit logo, among others. Initially, I tried to handle this discreetly by contacting LogoMaid directly. After a series of rude emails from Jan Kalvan and Peter Olexa of LogoMaid, I am at an impasse. They claim that because their site was launched in Jan '05, and Godbit began posting articles in Nov '05, this somehow proves ownership.

Yet, I registered godbit.com in August 2003. I even referred them to the WHOIS on Network Solutions for verification, since they were using domain registration as the litmus test. They responded by saying this didn't prove anything, and suggested that perhaps I was the one who stole and that I should re-do the Godbit logo. Interesting how registration dates are definitive if the data supports LogoMaid, but if not then it is deemed irrelevant.

This would appear to be a freak coincidence, if it was an isolated incident. The fact of the matter is: LogoMaid is in the business of selling stolen intellectual property in the form of logos. While I am sure that at least some of their work is original and legitimate, they have proven time and again to be rip-off artists. I present the following comparisons as evidence of theft:

LogoMaid rip-offs: Apple.com, Godbit.com, Panic.com, Simplebits.com, OSX Chess

Further Reading

The one commonality between the Godbit and SimpleBits logos is that the process behind each one was described thoroughly. Perhaps the dim-wits at LogoMaid took this to mean the logos were up for grabs. I had written about my creative process in Drawing a Good Logo, and Dan had described his own method in Re-Brand New. Looks like LogoMaid does paint-by-number.

I will not belabor the point. I think it is pretty obvious just by looking at the info-graphic that LogoMaid is clearly as unethical as they are dismissive of complaints. I will simply provide links to the following LogoMaid write-ups: