Life Light Inc.

As you might already know, I am currently trying to get through seminary, via online classes. I am a senior in credits, but am taking things slow, doing only part-time because of a full-time job. Anyway, while I was at seminary one of my good friends was John Dongerdive, now a graduate of the Master of Divinity program which I am still laboring to complete. I recently recieved an email from him, describing his ministry situation back home in India.

He works for Life Light Inc., who focus on ministering to the poorest of the poor in a country which is not too favorably inclined to their message. Before we parted ways, I did their website free of charge, and continue to host it at no cost, along with my own. Religious opinions aside, I think that anyone would be able to appreciate the dedication with which he and his family work to help orphaned children. Without beating around the bush, they are struggling financially and need both prayer and monetary support.

At the risk of sounding like some cheezy televangelist, I am asking that you consider helping their ministry. Don't worry, there are no kick-backs coming my way, as that would totally defeat the purpose. Also, know that John did not ask me to write anything on my blog, but I feel it is a positive way to put some of my Google juice to good use, in an effort to support a larger cause.

Currently, they can house only a fraction of the orphans they would like to reach, because of overcrowding in their current building. Awhile ago, I watched a home video of the living conditions the kids face otherwise, and it broke my heart. If you would, please check out their website, read about their ministry, and after prayerful consideration, if you feel God putting it on your heart to donate, please do. If not: no pressure, my CSS posts will continue. I have included the following email, which John sent me earlier this morning…

Subject: India Mission

Dear prayer partners


It has been busy time, every day I make phone calls, write e-mails and letters. I get to talk with so many new people whom I never met before. So far we had very good response; many churches are open to know about our Ministry and want to join us in prayers.

It is getting hot in India; temperature is soon going to be 90 degrees, dry heat makes it difficult to go out in afternoons. In spite of this we are excited to announce about our school annual function which is going to be next week. This year is special year for our school as we celebrate 10th anniversary.

We pause to think and praise God for his faithfulness for all these years. It is not easy to run Christian School in Hindu and Muslim India. Extremist always try looking for opportunity to close the school. We have survived because of Gods grace and your prayers. My parents started this school with few children, and now we have more than 500 students.

We want our school to be the light and the salt in Aurangabad area. We have been able to plant the seed in thousands of lives. We pray that many will come to Christ as they mature and able to make decision for their lives. Many students have already joined the church with their family. We need your prayers as we continue this work.

Prayer requests:

  1. Pushpa Dongeridve my mother recovering from cancer.
  2. Fund raising operation for new orphanage building project.
  3. Churches and individuals those are praying about partnering with LifeLight.
  4. Financial needs for ongoing ministry.

John Dongerdive

By the way, if any of you do decide to get involved and end up talking to John or his family, their last name Dongerdive is pronounced Don-Ger-Dee-Vay, not Donger-dive. I kept making that mistake, until I finally heard someone pronounce it correctly. Such is John's graciousness, as he just put up with it.