New ministry & links roundup

Life Light Ministries

This is a site I did recently for my friend John Dongerdive, to help out his family's ministry in India. He is a recent graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary, in the Master of Divinity program, the same one I'm still working on finishing up. Anyway, go check it out, and if you feel so compelled, please make a donation to help out his family's ministry. If not, then just check it out and tell me how much you like (or dislike) the design.

Noah Institute

I got an email awhile back from Dave Merwin, the director of Noah Institute, telling me about his vision to help the Church universal improve in its approach to the use of the web (a vision I share, by the way). It appears that recently their site has been redesigned, quite nicely I might add. The credit goes to Stephen Hallgren of ColorMod, which Mac OSX Tiger users might know because of the widget by the same name. Go have a look.

To-Done Article

I want to thank Peter Flaschner for posting an article I wrote entitled Setting Boundaries on Burnout which is geared towards freelance web designers. It is posted on a site owned by Keith Robinson, who is currently away on his honeymoon in Mexico, and had asked for some help from the 9rules Network in tending to his sites while he is away. The premise of the article is the prioritize what types of clients to work for, and focuses on how to budget your time. This is something I've gradually had to learn the hard way, so check it out if you're an aspiring freelancer.

To-Done - Setting Boundaries on Burnout

CSS Mania Feature

I noticed this showing up in my referral logs lately, and wanted to take a minute to thank the man who calls himself GaBuBu, who is an engineer from Madrid, Spain. I gathered this from his root index page, which displays for half a second or so before meta-refreshing to his blog. I actually ended up taking a screenshot and reading it in Fireworks just to see who he is. He has listed my site on his CSS Mania section.

Also listed on that site recently was one I'd taken notice of when it was submitted to Unmatched Style, but for whatever reason was not featured as one of the chosen sites. So, I am paying the due respect to Colin McKinney for what has to be one of the cooler user-interfaces I've seen in awhile. Be sure to check out his Illustration section, as it is very well done.