Writing for Digital Web

Digital Web Magazine

I just wanted to post a quick blurb, letting y'all know that I am now officially a contributing writer over at Digital Web Magazine. They invited me to write last year, but I just now got around to actually putting the proverbial pen to paper. I contributed an article entitled The Village Stew, in which I talk about some of the variables that go into overhauling a large corporate website. It's less of a how-to, and more a tale of woe and gnashing of teeth. Hopefully it will prove beneficial, by giving people a heads-up as to things that can potentially hinder a project: lack of vision, meandering leadership, and personal ego.

I imagine that this is what minor-league baseball players feel like when they finally get the call to move up to the show. In a way, it sort of validates that all the time spent working on my curve-ball in the bullpen has begun to pay off. On the other hand, is quite humbling to see my name listed on the same page of other authors such as Jeffrey Zeldman, the father of Web Standards or Jesse James Garrett, the man who coined the term Ajax.

I just want to say thanks to Digital Web Magazine editor in chief, Carolyn Wood for giving me the opportunity to contribute, and for helping me flesh out my nebulously vague ideas and turn them into an arguably print-worthy article. Also, a tip of the hat goes to Andy Rutledge for allowing me to pilfer a few choice quotes.

Much like with Textpattern Solutions, I tend to assume I have competent penmanship until editors get ahold of the manuscript. As Nietzsche said: "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger." I'm a better writer for having undergone editorial scrutiny. Depending on the feedback, I look forward to writing further articles as time allows. For now, taste test the village stew.