Interesting reads

Adaptive Path: Ajax

I was perusing the typical list of sites I normally visit, which include the blogs of other web designers, as well as other techy-type news. Normally advancements in technology come and go, and don't particularly catch my interest. Yeah, I've heard about the Mac mini, the iPod, Longhorn, and all the rest.

I read one article recently that particularly caught my attention, written by Jesse James Garrett, entitled Ajax: a New Approach to Web Applications. Basically, he puts a challenge to web designers to make the web more user-friendly, with less down-time spent by the user waiting for pages to load. What I found particularly interesting were the diagrams showing how the user experience could be enhanced. If interface design turns your crank, go check it out…

Church Marketing Sucks

Another graphic design friend of mine told me about this website. The goal of Church Marketing Sucks is to raise awareness about how poorly the church is at getting it's message across. This site isn't focused on advertising, but marketing as a wholistic approach to reaching the masses.

We're living in a day and age where MS Publisher clip-art and typos aren't going to cut it anymore. The average person in most developed countries expects a bit more when it comes to marketing. This fits in with my previous rant about vision and content fueling design. If we as a church universal are sitting around with empty ideas and only giving half-effort, then we have only our selves to blame for not reaching people for Christ.

Anyways, check out the website here: