Flickr rocks

Okay, I know I'm not exactly cutting-edge because millions of people out there already have photo blogs. That being said, I finally went and signed up for a free Flickr account. I've got my Journal section of this site set up to automatically display the last five pictures I've uploaded. I've got alot of older photos, and I'm sort of uploading them randomly, so don't expect perfect chronological order, at least not yet.

Anyways, Flickr is really cool and if you don't have an account there yet, go and set it up. You can even email them your photos directly, so that you don't have to use the slow HTML based uploading feature. It doesn't cost anything to sign up, and you get up to 20mb upload per month with their free account.

Additionally, you can set different security / copyright restrictions. I've got mine all publicly viewable, but copyrighted, and have it so that not just anyone can get the full-resolution. Much thanks goes out to Josh Dura for helping me figure out how to pull them into my blog automatically. Go check out his site, as he's a pretty awesome wiz at Flash and has even worked with Macromedia (his bro works for them).