Odd birthday present

Darth Vader

I wasn't going to mention my upcoming birthday, because when you turn 26, it's not really as much of a milestone as when you turn 25. However, the randomness of the gift that my parents sent to me deserves a mention. I got a package in the mail, opened it, and thought to myself "Hmm, what is it - a shower curtain?"

But no, it was in fact a 3/4 life-sized window static-sticker of Darth Vader. I'm not sure where / how they were able to manage this, and certainly hope no laws were broken in obtaining this attractive decoration. I'm assuming that they asked permission to have it from a local theater, or at least that's what I'm telling people.

Since I we don't have any full-wall windows at our house, I'm wondering why my parents thought my wife and I needed a huge poster-sized Darth Vader, let alone a static-sticker. I mean, a poster would have been cool, because it can be hung on a normal wall. But, being that I don't have a window this size at home, I had to bring it to work.

Anyway, if there was ever any doubt who is to blame for my own off-the-wall (pun intended) personality, I clearly get it from my family roots. If you want to see the full picture from Flickr, go here: Darth Vader at Work.

Update: I learned that my mom won it from a raffle ticket drawing at Burger King, when they were ridding themselves of all the Episode III paraphernalia.