Firefox insecure?

Update: As of May 12th, the problem has been fixed.

I don't mean that Firefox has insecurity issues in the sense that it needs constant pats on the back and reassurance of its self-worth. I mean that our oh-so-reliable alternative to Internet Explorer might actually have a JavaScript vulnerability which would allow for malicious code to be distributed through web pages. The BBC recently reported on this topic…

"Firefox is Microsoft Internet Explorer's (IE) main rival in the browser market. Many like it because it is easily customised, and others say it has fewer security flaws than IE… Microsoft releases its next-generation IE7 later this year which promises to be more secure."

This of course, begs the question, is IE7 promising to be more secure than Firefox, or simply more secure than the previous bug-ridden versions of Internet Explorer? Only time will tell.

Hopefull the Firefox problem will be fixed quickly. This will be a good opportunity for the Mozilla group to step up to the plate, so to speak, and release a bug fix for this problem in record time, in order to further accentuate their reputation for being different (better) than Microsoft.

Even if the hole isn't fixed right away, it seems to me that most hackers target exploits in IE because: » It's the browser of the average user, and » Microsoft is a more dislikable target, being that they use their influence to push others around. I'll take my chances with Firefox.