MinistryCamp job board

MinistryCamp Job Board

Man, everywhere you look nowadays there is a job board springing up. There are new jobs posted daily at 37signals, Authentic Jobs, CSS Beauty, and Joel on Software - not to mention the more traditional sites like Dice and Monster. Ever since starting Godbit, we have had a part of the forum dedicated to Work Opportunities, but I never really felt that was good enough.

Quite a few people have half-jokingly asked me "When is Godbit going to get a job board?" While I have always acknowledged it was a good idea, I did not have the time to invest the effort to create a new ministry-related job board from scratch. I am pleased to say that I am now off the hook, because Christian blogger Dan Lee has taken the initiative and done just that.

It is called MinistryCamp Job Board and it caters specifically to connecting ministries with web professionals who have a passion for both Christianity and technology. You may be wondering: "Why should I post a job opening to this board when there are so many others to choose from?" The answer of course is that each of the aforementioned boards are focused on a particular audience. Likewise, MinistryCamp is geared towards Christian geeks.

You might be thinking: "Why is Nathan pushing this particular job board, is it for a kick-back?" - Nope. I just think this is a worthy cause, and helps to raise the bar a bit as far as finding good job candidates. I also appreciate that 25% goes towards a charity. This month, it's Campus Crusade in Louisiana.

To that end, I intend to throw the weight of Godbit behind it once there's a steady flow of job openings. I plan to incorporate it on the sidebar of the site, much like Greg and Cameron have done for Authentic Jobs. If your ministry is seeking a freelance or full-time web designer or developer, check it out.