Bean bag chair - Sumo Sway

A number of years ago, I received an email from Andrew Milligan about his exceptional bean bag chairs, asking if I would like to have a review unit. Since then I have reviewed their original model, as well as the Sumo Sultan (review here). Imagine my delight when Andrew reached out recently, offering me the opportunity to review their latest and greatest bean bag creation.

I hesitate to call myself a bean bag chair connoisseur, but like to think I know what I like when it comes to furniture that is both durable and comfortable. The newest installment in the Sumo line — the Sumo Sway — delivers on both those counts.

bean bag chair - Boxed

The first thing that struck me was the sheer size. The delivery man was polite enough not to ring the doorbell the morning he dropped it off, since we have a sign that reads "baby sleeping" - but I was surprised to open the front door later that day to see a giant box staring me in the face. With a little help from my son, we were able to wrangle the box inside and get it unpacked, with momma snapping pictures for this review!

bean bag Chair - unboxing

It is tough to overemphasize my affinity for this bean bag chair. One thing I particularly love is that it holds its form as a chair particularly well. Previous models, closer to what one might think of as a "traditional" bean bag, had the tendency to sprawl - expanding to fit the maximum allotted floor space.

bean bag chair - yay

As you can see from the picture above, the Sumo Sway Couple is distinctively shaped as a chair, with a seat back that stays in place. For our family this is the best of both worlds: The comfort we'd grown to love from our other Sumo Sultan, with the convenience of a two-seater couch. This means not having to periodically pick up the bean bag chair to adjust the filling, because it holds its form.

Overall I would say that after a week of rigorous "testing" involving watching Netflix movies, and being tromped on by our energetic 18-month old, this bean bag chair is the best one I've encountered yet. That's not to say other Sumo product offerings aren't also incredibly high quality, but that I didn't know what I was missing until I'd tried the Sumo Sway. In fact, it's now a slight point of contention in our household, as to who gets to sit in the most comfortable spot!