A quick thank you

Tip of the Hat

If you're like me, you come home everyday and flip through the pages of referral logs, searching for new dot-com's linking to your site. And if you're not, well then - that probably just sounded a little weird. Anyway, during my daily ritual of sipping coffee and and logging into Textpattern, if I notice a site that's featured mine, I write it down so that I can make sure to thank them, usually by leaving a comment on their blog, etc.

However, since my site redesign I've been noticing actual design sites linking to mine, which I have to say is quite flattering and humbling at the same time. I mean, having no formal training in doing this stuff, I've always considered myself sub-par. So, this post is a quick shout-out to all the sites that have listed me on their own (alphabetized, as to not show partiality)…

  • Blog Portalen
  • Design Shack
  • Digital Flicker
  • Flash 8
  • Pro Estilo (Pro Style)
  • SC1000
  • Screenspire
  • W3CS

Note: Some of the above sites are not in English, so I'm not sure what they say. While I'm assuming it's good things, if anyone can read them, and would like to translate for me, I'd be much obliged. Just leave it in the comments.

Design featurettes aside, I'm not just a pretty face (no, really?). The following sites, geared more towards code examples and tutorials, have linked to me because they found my conversation intellectually stimulating, or at the very least dry and informative…

So, if you have some spare time to waste, check out all those design and tutorial sites, as there are much more talented people than me featured there. I guess that's about all for now. I just wanted to give everyone due thanks.