9rules, round 3

I just got an email from Paul Scrivens, the guy that started this whole 9rules craziness. In exactly one week they will be opening up Round 3 submissions for joining. This may or may not interest you, but if you have a pretty solid site that is regularly updated, let me encourage you to give it a try. One of the benefits is increased site traffic, which in and of itself does not mean a whole lot. However, consider that you will be reaching a wider audience with what you are trying to communicate. That is what was most helpful for me.

Also, there's a great group of people already in the network whom you can trade ideas and site critiques with. I have learned so much from other web designers and developers that I would not have otherwise had contact or communication with. Additionally, there's accountability. When it's just you running a website, there is a tendency to slack, and not write articles you have stewing in your head. When there's a whole community who are regularly writing about various topics, it adds a bit of helpful pressure to keep your own site updated.

In summary, here are some of the perks:

  • More visitors
  • Make new friends
  • Helpful critiques
  • Molly is a member

So, if you have been wondering what this whole 9rules thing is all about, why not submit your site and see what it's all about? Mark your calendar though, because you only have 24-hour time frame on Monday, November 14th.