Underappreciated techies

Church Webmasters

Through reading some of the sites I frequent, I have been seeing a general theme going around. The theme is that hard working computer-related employees/volunteers are going under-appreciated.

The first theme I want to bring up has to do with professional web developers who volunteer their time and talents to help churches, only to have the churches neglect the website once it's done, or worse - overhaul it with some cruddy 3rd party software like FrontPage. So, one person has made a bold proposal - Unpaid church webmasters should just quit, to send a message.

Rather than rehash the entire saga here, I'll simply link to the articles…

Video Game Woes

Another article I ran across recently was a letter from the spouse of an Electronic Arts employee, to the giant company. In the letter, the spouse expresses deep concern over the long, uncompensated hours that video game programmers have to work in order to meet deadlines. And to think, I thought it was all fun and games (pun intended). Read the article here…