Adapt JS Explained

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This explains the origins of, and how to use, Adapt.js – (skip to How to use)

How I Do Form Layouts

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I originally posted this as a comment on Forrst, but since comments are only viewable by Forrst members, I am re-posting it here. Really, it’s no big deal, and is pretty old-school. I just figured it might help with people beating their heads against a desk, attempting form layouts using float. Hint: don’t bother.

Drupal 7 Module Development

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Drupal 7 Module Development While I consider myself well-versed at the front-end theme aspects of Drupal, I had been wanting to delve a little deeper into its underpinnings, if only to understand how modules work. Deconstructed, Drupal is essentially a series of modules working together — be that “core,” the bare CMS — or “contrib,” third party modules available for download from So, in an effort to bolster my skill set, I recently read Drupal 7 Module Development, from Packt Publishing and found it to be an excellent resource.

Drupal 7 First Look

— Topic: Product Review

I recently finished reading Drupal 7 First Look – written by Mark Noble of Drupal by Example, and published by Packt Publishing. I have to admit what while I was interested in learning more about Drupal 7, I was a bit skeptical about a book entitled “First Look,” concerned that perhaps it wouldn’t be substantive enough. However, since I have generally been pleased with the books I’ve read from Packt in the past, I decided this one might be worth reading.

Joining HP

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These past two years have been filled with great personal growth. From fumbling through learning how to be a father to our now 2-year old son, to working alongside some of the most talented and dedicated people I’ve ever known at Fellowship Technologies, I count myself fortunate and blessed.


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