Thoughts on Walgreens

— Topic: Product Review

TL;DR = If possible, avoid shopping at Walgreens.

Note: I have hesitated writing about this because I wanted to give Walgreens the benefit of the doubt, sincerely hoping they would get their act together.

Designers Who Code

— Topic: Design

Mic check. Test, test… Does this blog still work? It is crazy to think, the last time I used it was in 2011, whilst suggesting to my fellow designer friends that they ought to learn Sass.

Sass for Designers

— Topic: CSS

For more on Sass, read The Sass Way and follow @TheSassWay on Twitter.

Note: Throughout this post, when I say “Sass” I mean “Sass and Compass.”

This is not a post saying…

“If you’re still building websites without Sass, you’re doing it wrong.”

This is a post saying:

“If you haven’t tried Sass/Compass, please do before dismissing it.”

JavaScript Interview Questions

— Topic: JavaScript

I was perusing my list o’ RSS feeds this evening — Yes, I’m one of those people who still read RSS — and happened upon a list of JavaScript interview questions posted by James Padolsey. This reminded me that I had a few questions tucked away from when I was contacted by a Meebo recruiter a few years ago.

HTML5 in Drupal 7

— Topic: Content Management

I have been meaning to write this post for awhile. A few friends have asked me to explain how to do HTML5 in Drupal 7, via Twitter. Another concerned individual, having found a passing reference to it in a book review, even emailed:

“I urge you to start producing this post just as deeply as you explained basic 960 principles. How I enjoyed reading it. It was like a chat with a soulmate! It is a rare opportunity to read background on why things are the way they are. In my mental system, why is the key ingredient to know what are you doing.”

So, without further ado, here it is…


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