Andrew Smith, on Physical Therapy

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This is a post by my brother, about his career path in physical therapy. It was originally posted on the Regis University school of physical therapy blog.

“My Haphazard Journey as a Physical Therapist and New(er) Faculty Member”

Andrew C. Smith, PT, DPT, PhD

Undergrad and PT School:
University of Washington (Go Huskies!)

Thoughts on Walgreens

— Topic: Product Review

TL;DR = If possible, avoid shopping at Walgreens.

Note: I have hesitated writing about this because I wanted to give Walgreens the benefit of the doubt, sincerely hoping they would get their act together.

Designers Who Code

— Topic: Design

Mic check. Test, test… Does this blog still work? It is crazy to think, the last time I used it was in 2011, whilst suggesting to my fellow designer friends that they ought to learn Sass.

Sass for Designers

— Topic: CSS

For more on Sass, read The Sass Way and follow @TheSassWay on Twitter.

Note: Throughout this post, when I say “Sass” I mean “Sass and Compass.”

This is not a post saying…

“If you’re still building websites without Sass, you’re doing it wrong.”

This is a post saying:

“If you haven’t tried Sass/Compass, please do before dismissing it.”

JavaScript Interview Questions

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I was perusing my list o’ RSS feeds this evening — Yes, I’m one of those people who still read RSS — and happened upon a list of JavaScript interview questions posted by James Padolsey. This reminded me that I had a few questions tucked away from when I was contacted by a Meebo recruiter a few years ago.


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