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.Net Magazine

CSS Frameworks Article

The spread featured above is from an article I wrote for issue 203 of .Net Magazine, entitled Build Better Sites with CSS Frameworks. In it, I covered my own 960 Grid System and other popular frameworks like Blueprint and YUI. I discussed pros and cons of each, and which (if any) to use. I also interviewed Nicole Sullivan, formerly of the Yahoo! Exceptional Performance team.

I also contributed to an article in issue 176 about places of worship. I did a fictitious redesign of a church site. The mockup can be seen here.

jQuery Cookbook

This collaborative book was spearheaded by Cody Lindley. He rounded up myself and seventeen other front-end developers to write what turned into a 480 page tome of knowledge about the world’s most popular JavaScript framework. I contributed chapter 13, entitled Interface Components from Scratch. View it in action here. The code is available via the O’Reilly site.

jQuery Enlightenment

I was one of several technical editors of jQuery Enlightenment, a self-published book by Cody Lindley. Though independently produced books can be hit or miss, this definitely made the grade. I initially thought most of it would be review for me, but I learned quite a bit just by tinkering with the code examples. If you really want to know jQuery thoroughly, this is an excellent resource. To get a feel for some of the code lessons, read my book review.

Adobe Developer Connection

I wrote an article for Adobe Developer Connection entitled Fireworks in Enterprise IT, outlining why I believe Fireworks is the best tool for professional web design. This quote from the article aptly summarizes my affinity:

“While Photoshop is the ultimate software for master photographers, Fireworks offers an unparalleled feature set for web designers and developers.” — ‘Nuff said!

Textpattern Solutions

Several years ago, I was all about the nimble content management system Textpattern. So much so, I took the lead on the first book to be published about it. While I wrote several chapters, I coordinated with four other authors — Cody Lindley, Kevin Potts, Mary Fredborg, Robert Sable — each of whom wrote a number of chapters as well. I still recommend TXP to people who want a straightforward CMS that allows fine-grained control over HTML.

Digital Web Magazine

I used to write the The Carpenter’s Workbench column for Digital Web Magazine. It focused on craftsmanship, knowing the “tools” of the web development trade. Founder of DWM Nick Finck, has placed publication on an indefinite hiatus because many writers have since moved on to successful careers. I’m just glad I was able to take part.