Apple Love: Fins-Up

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Fins-Up: Front

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Tim Trombly, asking if I would like to review his new product, Fins-Up. In short, Fins-Up is a built-in stand for Apple notebooks, which serves a twofold purpose. Firstly, it raises the incline of the keyboard to a more ergonomic level. Secondly, it allows increased airflow beneath the computer itself, helping to prevent over-heating.

I first heard about Fins-Up from my friend and former coworker Cody Lindley.

Web Jam Session '07

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Jeff Croft + Nathan Smith

This past weekend, I was able to attend the Webmaster Jam Session hosted locally here in Dallas. I have to say, of all the conferences I have been to, I got the most out of this one. In the vein of the adage “less is more,” this concise event packed quite a bit into the two days it lasted.

50 Designers, 6 Questions

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Smashing Magazine, a blog dedicated to covering helpful design and development resources, just turned 1 year old this week. To celebrate, they are having a book give-away. They also asked a series of questions of top web designers, for an article entitled 50 Designers x 6 Questions. It’s well worth the read, especially because many people more talented than myself took the time to share their thoughts.

Twenty Eight

— Topic: Personal

Be forewarned, this is going to be one of those introspective blog posts.


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